A Player’s Tribute: Knowing Dagi Kesim


Snohomish County FC Steelheads Head Coach Dagi Kesim received a well-written tribute from defender and SnoCo FC Assistant Coach Kevin Baron recently when Washington soccer website goalWA.net published “Knowing Dagi Kesim: Player reflects on 12 years with his soccer teacher.”

You’ll want to read the entire feature, but here is a short excerpt.

Head Coach Daghan “Dagi” Kesim.

But when it comes to soccer, Dagi has a special sort of intelligence that even he admits he wishes he also had in other aspects of life. He watched the game from a young age with a highly analytical mind. That seems to me to be where it all started. Then he got to put all that thought and theory in to practice as he ascended the ranks of the soccer elite in Istanbul, seeing everything he had seen on the screen now in real life, in real time, on the field around him. This helped him to visualize possibilities that could happen faster than they actually would, seeing ahead in the game the way you are required to be able to do at the professional level. This soccer sixth sense, combined with his ability back then to run fast all day long, got him the spot on a professional team at the age of fourteen, beating out hundreds of other more skillful players by keeping things simple, completing every pass, and doing what the coach asked for.

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