Snohomish County Football Club picked the name “Steelheads FC” via a Twitter vote (56-44% “Steelheads” over “Cedars”) and revealed it officially when the club was announced in 2017. You might wonder what we are all about and where we are headed as a club representing and playing in Snohomish County. Here is a Q & A session to help you learn more about us!


Q: Who are Steelheads FC?

A: Steelheads FC are officially “Snohomish County Football Club,” a team formed to give adult male players in Snohomish County opportunities to play at a high level after high school, while home from college in the summer, or even after playing professionally.

Q: Are Steelheads FC a ‘professional’ club?

A: SnoCo FC does not pay players. We are an amateur side with the goal of running a professional-quality organization. Players who play for Steelheads FC will retain their ‘amateur status’ for NCAA play.


Q: How can I play for Steelheads FC?

A: Contact us at SnoCoFC@gmail.com for tryout information.

Q: What ‘level of play’ are Steelheads FC?

A: SnoCo FC competes at the highest level of soccer played by adults in Snohomish County.  Read more about this here.


Q: What league do the Steelheads FC play in?

A: We began play in the Western Washington Premier League in April 2019. Later that year we were crowned 2019 WWPL Champions.

Q: Where do the Steelheads FC play their matches?

A: Dick Cardinal Stadium at Lakewood High School in Smokey Point. $5 General Admission.

Q: Who is the Head Coach of Steelheads FC?

A: Dagi Kesim was named SnoCo FC Head Coach in 2017.


Q: How can I help Steelheads FC?

A: We need volunteers for match days. We need photographers, writers, and all kinds of helpers to make our community team click. Contact us at SnoCoFC@gmail.com. Want to be part of local soccer history? Join our FOUNDERS CLUB.

Q: Are Steelheads FC looking for Sponsors and Business Partners?

A: Yes! We are in the process of applying for “Non-Profit 501c3” status. In the meantime in order to make our club as great as we can for the Snohomish community we need sponsors. Contact us at SnoCoFC@gmail.com.



Q: How can I get some Steelheads gear?

A: Check out our online shops here! Also, grab our first-ever official scarf for sale here! It’s already being raised by our FOUNDERS CLUB Members!

Q: Got Steelheads Logo surface desktops?

A: Yep. All sorts. Get them here for free.


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