Behind the scenes with Steelheads FC

In a simpler world you could just get some of the guys together, form a squad, and join the local league. But Steelheads FC are aiming higher and trying to bring  top-level men’s amateur soccer to Snohomish County. So it is going to take organization, time and of course money. We’ve got the momentum, and people are stepping up, now comes the hard part: getting the details done behind the scenes!


April 9 Friendly

snohomish-county-fc-steelheads-primary-800Snoco FC President Aaron Burns and General Manager Andrew Escalante are tackling multiple projects for Steelheads FC right now. Aaron is in discussions with a possible ownership group that would get the club on the right track financially. Meanwhile Andrew has been targeting April 9, and for a very good reason. The club has a network of players that will take the pitch in a friendly against Evergreen Premier League side Washington Premier South Sound that day down in Puyallup. It will be the first-ever action for Steelheads FC.


snohomish-county-fc-steelheads-primary-800The rush has been on to get a squad together and look as organized as possible for the April 9 match. Andrew has been working on getting uniforms for Steelheads FC. The club floated some nifty graphics of possible uniform choices on social media and they were met with approval. However, the timeline for getting them makes something ‘custom’ like that a future project. So Andrew is shopping around for one of the ‘name brands’ that can be ready right now.


Open Tryouts

snohomish-county-fc-steelheads-primary-800They really ARE coming — but we have a few details to work out before we can officially announce the first-ever Steelheads FC open tryouts. We need to secure an insurance certificate for the stadium where they tryouts will be held. When that goes through, we’ll be pushing an announcement. Keep the end of April open!

Summer 2017 matches

snohomish-county-fc-steelheads-primary-800A group of teams that want to play friendlies over the summer in the region is organizing and they recently contacted Steelheads FC. Snoco FC is interested in playing matches this summer and could be involved with sides from Gig Harbor, Redmond, Centralia and more. This would be very helpful for us as we prepare for 2018.

EPLWA application

snohomish-county-fc-steelheads-primary-800Right now Steelheads FC are doing the things that brand new clubs do – getting organized and taking stock of what comes next. The goal from the beginning has been to apply to join the Evergreen Premier League (EPLWA). Applications for that jump into statewide play against clubs like Bellingham United and Vancouver Victory are due this fall. That’s what 2017 is building towards.

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