Camilleri, Rodriguez combine for 2019 Assist of the Year

SMOKEY POINT, WA— Supporters and players voted for the 2019 Steelheads Assist of the Year and thanks to a big assist from down under, Blake Camilleri and Carlos Rodriguez combine to win the honors.

The early voting saw the artistic curling cross from Jacen Stein to Daniel Luna take a big lead. Then social media kicked in as Australian native Camilleri began getting votes from his home country. The final result of the Aussie push was 50% of the vote. See the poll results here. 

Every point mattered on the season for the Steelheads and the assist to a Devin Shull goal that got the club a point away at 2018 Champions Kirkland FC was crucial. The Steelheads finished top of the table by a single standings point.

Carlos and Blake were initially not even awarded assists on the goal. Shull poked home a rebound on shot from Rodriguez. Later it was clarified that indeed a shot on the rebound can be awarded as an assist according to FIFA laws. This also opened the door to trace the play back to Camilleri’s all-important initial pass that sprung Carlos free for his effort. The rest is (voting) history.



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