Meet Steelheads FC Hispanic Community Coordinator Felipe Aguilera

SNOHOMISH COUNTY—In recent weeks Snohomish County Football Club has been fortunate to see a number of local soccer lovers and leaders step up to help build the new club. You can read about them on our “About” page by clicking on their names to get to articles like this one.

Today we meet Felipe Aguilera who will help Steelheads FC connect with the Hispanic Community.

snohomish-county-fc-steelheads-primary-800“I grew up playing street soccer in Mexico since I was very little,” Felipe says. “I played high school soccer in California for four years. When I moved to Washington State I started playing rec soccer in Shonomish County. In 2008 I was developed and trained by my mentor former Seattle Sounder Sebastien Le Toux in his elite French Soccer Academy. I coached for them as well. While I was attending Edmonds Community College I had the chance to train with their soccer team for a few springs training sessions. In 2013 I had the chance to play with the Mexican league first division team “Puebla FC” for the reserves as a tryout.

Felipe Aguilera.

Aguilera says the local aspects of SnoCo FC made him want to join the cause.
“I believe in supporting your local soccer. I have been living in Snohomish County for over 11 years and I think it’s important to get involved with the community anyway you can. As a soccer player myself I know the struggles of trying to get to soccer clubs far away from home. I think this is a great local project and a great opportunity for players to get involved with their community as well. I’m happy to be a volunteer and thankful to SnoCoFC for the opportunity.”

There were nearly 860,000 people in the state of Washington claiming Hispanic heritage in a 2014 census. Of those 74,000 live in Snohomish County. Regional newspapers include El Siete Dias and La Raza del Noroeste. There are about 25 radio stations in Washington that serve Spanish-speaking listeners.

“I know the Hispanic community are very welcoming, also a close-knit community,everyone knows everyone,” Felipe says. “Our passion is soccer and on a sunny day we like to go out the fire and grill and play some soccer.I know a lot of people with those two loves including myself (grilling and soccer). We don’t miss a game on TV from The Mexican league to the EURO Cup.”

The sport has been a common connection for Aguilera. “Thanks to soccer I’ve been lucky enough to meet so many people from my Hispanic community around the state of Washington but specially in the Snohomish County and it is very nice to see familiar faces out there on the field all the time.”

Felipe has goals for his work with SnoCo FC. “I would like to bring exposure of the club to the already huge Hispanic soccer fan base. I hope to reach out to local business, radio stations and local newspapers to get the name of the club out there in the community.”

Aguilera is already doing just that. El Siete Dias ran the very first Steelheads FC public press release recently, thanks to Felipe.


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