Scouting Arlington’s Haller Stadium as a possible home for the Steelheads

by David Falk, General Manager Snohomish County FC

Snohomish County FC Steelheads-Primary-800It’s impossible to completely rule out Haller Stadium as an option for Steelheads home matches in 2019 because the football romantic in me takes over where reason lets go. This is an old, somewhat run down stadium tucked behind Haller Middle School on a bluff above the scenic old downtown in Arlington. I didn’t get to go into the venue but took photos from all around outside the fencing.

Haller Stadium is a grass surface and has old metal goal frames that would need some TLC. The field would need to be chalked for soccer. There are lights and the stands are covered. See some photos below.

2013: A movie scene was filmed at Haller Stadium More photos here.



Arlington School District charges just $45 per hour for complete use of the venue, by far the least expensive of all the stadiums we’ve scouted. It’s also among the very few grass fields in Snohomish County that also has stands. There are restrooms and other stadium use buildings on site.

The field size might be a home team advantage. Football and Lacrosse are played here, so the pitch is at least 110 yards long. Might be a tad narrow. Grass seems in reasonable condition. These photos were taken in late April 2018.

Haller Stadium is 15 minutes (7.6 miles) away from Lakewood High School’s Dick Cardinal Stadium, which we scouted earlier this year in this article. Haller is 19.7 miles north of Everett.

Rustic, in a good way.

This is not a ‘ready to go’ facility. We would need to work with the district and perhaps donate some manpower into getting it ready to go.

Would Downtown Arlington ‘adopt’ the Steelheads on match day? Would old-timey soccer charm be enough to make this worthwhile? Could the Steelheads be a big fish in this small pond?

We didn’t create this video or pick the music.

A sign? This Steelhead hangs on a building next to a Haller Stadium parking lot.



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