Scouting Everett’s Goddard Stadium as a possible home for the Steelheads


Location, location, location. Everett’s (Mukilteo School District) Goddard Stadium  is just off I-5 and pretty much in the middle of many things in South Snohomish County. The Stadium has two roofed stands that are cozy. So what’s not to love?

Other Stadiums scouted: Dick Cardinal (Lakewood), Haller (Arlington)

The Snohomish County Steelheads hosted Tacoma Narrows FC at Goddard Stadium on Sunday June 10 where the club got to test out the facility first-hand.

Parking is back behind near Mariner High School and fans wind through the athletic facility and past various fields to get to the gates. The venue is a nice size with newer bleachers inset under a roofed main stand. Players feedback was almost universal” great location, less than ideal playing surface. It’s older Field Turf, and there is also a steep slope near the touchlines to watch out for.

In terms of costs, to fully open the venue with lockers, sound system, etc. would be around $800 per match. The Steelheads picked a lesser ‘package’ for the June 10 match, but will still be paying about $400 for three hours of use.

Smallest home crowd: Not sure why, but the smallest home crowd of 2018 was the June 10 match (52). Kamiak (119) and Dick Cardinal (143) drew more. The former two were on Saturdays at 3 PM while the Goddard match was on a Sunday at 1 PM.


Goddard Stadium could work if local sponsors come on board to “present” matches and help with the rental costs the club would incur. We will be watching to see when a new playing surface is installed.

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