Scouting Lakewood High’s Stadium as a possible home for the Steelheads


cropped-snohomish-county-fc-steelheads-primary-800.pngARLINGTON, WA— Lakewood High School’s Dick Cardinal Stadium is a mix of old and new. It’s a stadium that might provide a workable mix of versatility, availability and affordability for Snohomish County FC  in the club’s second year of development.

The Steelheads recently held two days of open tryouts at the venue. It gave the club time to get to know the surface (turf with walnut shells instead of rubber pellets, lined for football and soccer but not lacrosse) and to look around with an eye for hosting matches there in the future.

The brand-new entry to Dick Cardinal Stadium at Lakewood High School.

Lakewood High School is actually a good 10 minutes or more away from Downtown Arlington. It’s an unincorporated area (not officially a city) and not to be confused with its namesake in Pierce County. There has been heavy development in the area in recent years and there are scores of restaurants and businesses just off of I-5 that are passed by on the way to the stadium. Lakewood is just under 50 miles south of Bellingham and 37 miles north of Seattle.

The combined Arlington/Marysville/Lakewood/Smokey Point area is projected to grow by 16 percent to a population of 123,497 by 2025


Lakewood High School has been beautifully remodeled and some of that work extends to the stadium, which has a new visitors stand, several plazas and a new ticket booth / entry area that includes new bathrooms on the opposite side. It makes for a pleasing entry  into the place. Plenty of parking is right by the entry gate, entered from a single side road.

The new away stand makes the venue very versatile. Just that side could be opened and used for crowds of around 250. There are several open cement areas where tables could be placed or items offered. It’s possible that a food truck could pull into the parking lot and set up for fans. The entry area bathrooms are close by and there is also a ramp for wheelchair access.

The new “away” (visitors) stand at the stadium makes the place versatile for small crowds.


The larger stand is much older but does have a roof covering much of it. This is where the press box and PA system are located. The seats are simple wood plank bleachers. There are older locker rooms, bathrooms and concession areas. The larger stand looks like it could hold about 2,500 people.

Lakewood High School Stadium is less-used and scheduled than some other venues in the County, making it available more often and usually at a slightly lower fee.

Here are some photos below. Is this the future “Creek” of Steelheads FC?





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