SnoCo Beach Steelheads to hit the sand this June in Seaside

The “Hot Beaches” will be “SnoCo Beach” in 2022, with a bit of a line-up shuffle as well.

SNOHOMISH, WA—One of the cool things about being involved in the Snohomish County FC soccer community is getting chances to put a spin on the sport we love. For a group of Steelheads this will mean heading to Seaside Oregon in June for the annual Soccer In The Sand Tournament. There the co-ed team will compete for the first time under the SnoCo FC banner and crest as SnoCo Beach.

The 2022 SnoCo Beach kit.

“Some of us have made this trip before,” says organizer Andrew Escalante. “But never using the Steelheads name and crest, so it should be even more fun this time around.” The team plans to look the part with special SnoCo Beach kits that reflect a sense of Steelheads pride but also a sense of fun. The shirts are casual and the colors reflect a beach vibe. “We were shooting for a Miami Vice color scheme,” jokes Escalante.

This will be the third year going to the tournament for the group. Andrew, Maggie Tonkin, Jeff Christianson and Craig Otto have been there since the start. The team finished second in the open division in 2017. Covid-19 put a stop to the event in both 2020 and 2021. Now the former “Hot Beaches” will morph into the SnoCo Beach Steelheads. It’s time to win it all.

The current SnoCo Beach roster: Andrew, Maggie, Jeff, Craig, Dorian Lair, Jeremy Maldonado, Carson Pingrey, Garret Robinson, Brooke Pingrey, Noelle Parker, Megan Jones, and Alma Mana’o.

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