Snohomish County FC announces Silvers as new 2021 Women’s Team

logo--gold-starSMOKEY POINT, WA— Snohomish County Football Club today announces that it will add an elite adult Women’s outdoor soccer team in 2021. The new team, to be nicknamed the Silvers, will join the Steelheads (Men) in representing SnoCo on the soccer pitch.

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The Silvers take their name from Silver Salmon, also known in local rivers as Coho. It’s not uncommon for anglers to simply call them “Silvers.” It’s a fish with a reputation. “A Silver Salmon strike can startle you with their aggressive hit – their strike is legendary,” says this post on a fishing tourism site. “It feels like something is trying to rip your arm out of the socket. No doubt, you will be worn down after a day of fighting…Silvers.”

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Building the Silvers

“We are looking forward to building the Silvers,” says SnoCo FC General Manager David Falk. “We believe in the talent in Snohomish County and we also think players are more than ready for a team to compete on at the elite adult level.”

Coho Salmon, aka “Silvers.”

The Silvers announcement is just a beginning step. SnoCo FC Director of Soccer Dagi Kesim knows there is much to do before a team can compete next year. “We are starting the process of finding good soccer people who are interested in helping us create the Silvers,” Kesim states. “We want to build this new team much like we built the Steelheads. Steady, with high goals in mind, and taking our time to develop and get things right.”

Plenty of Possibilities

The Silvers have not decided on whether they will apply to join a league in 2021 or do what the Steelheads did — begin life with a slate of friendlies to get their fins wet. In the coming months the team will make internal choices on volunteer personnel and public announcements about open tryouts, coaching staff, and ways the community can support elite women’s soccer in Snohomish County.

Contact the Silvers:

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The addition of a Women’s team also means two new secondary crests for SnoCo FC. The teams will both play under the traditional original logo. There are also new custom looks for the Silvers and the Steelheads.

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