Snohomish County FC will celebrate 5 years in 2022 with special insignia

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WA—Snohomish County Football Club Steelheads will celebrate 5 years of high performance grass roots adult soccer in 2022. A new insignia has been created to mark the occasion and will be featured online, in a series of flashback features and as part of the club’s advertising for its 2022 seasons.

The celebration logo features a hexagon, which has become a club mainstay, divided into orange and black sections that reveal the number 5 in the space between. The image is centered on more hexagons, taken directly from the Steelhead fish pattern on the traditional crest. The circle is complete with the same black band and “Snohomish County Football Club” wording as the club crest.

“We are really looking forward to celebrating 5 years of Steelheads soccer,” says club President David Falk. “It’s really gone by fast and has been full of all the ups and downs you might expect from a history which includes a championship and a second place finish in years interrupted by a pandemic.”

The SnoCo FC 5 Year insignia.

The Steelheads were founded back in January of 2017 by Andrew Escalante and Aaron Burns. Social media pages on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram started popping up in February of that same year. The club would play its first-ever match in April.

“We’ve got stories to remember, share and celebrate,” Falk says. “While we are working to field as many as four teams in 2022 (Men’s and Women’s Indoor and Outdoor) we will also be looking back. We hope our current and former players and coaches and all of our supporters get a lot out of seeing what we have accomplished in our county so far in five years.”

The new 5 Year Insignia for SnoCo FC is part of a special video introduction that will be used on highlight reels and interviews in 2022 on the club’s YouTube channel and elsewhere.

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