Steelheads on break; 4 big matches in July

site-logo-steelheadsorangeSMOKEY POINT, WA—The Snohomish County FC Steelheads are on an unusual 3-week break in the middle of their first Western Washington Premier League (WWPL) season. The club will play four big matches in July to wrap up the year. Yet to be decided is where the Fish will finish in the table.


The Steelheads remain unbeaten in the league with 3 wins and 3 draws over 6 matches. That record gives them a 12 point total in the WWPL table. Currently that puts them right in the middle at position #6. The top 6 clubs will make up a new ‘First Division’  in 2020 and that is where the Fish want to be.

There are hopes and goals to go higher. Snohomish have played the fewest matches in the top 6. If results go the right way and the Steelheads take care of business they could jump quite a ways up the final table.

One Home Match Left

The Steelheads have just one home match left to play. It comes on Saturday July 13 when the Fish host Grays Harbor Gulls at 4 PM at Lakewood High School in Smokey Point. The Steelheads are currently chasing the Gulls in the standings. The match will help decide where both sides finish in the table.

Steelheads Coach Dagi Kesim is getting licensing training during the break.

Coach Kesim in class

During the schedule break Steelheads Head Coach Dagi Kesim is taking classes to get to the next level in his coaching license. This will be a boost for his Gala FC Youth Club. The classes are taking place in Portland Oregon.

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