Steelheads partnership with Snohomish Sports Dome includes WISL Women and Men

SNOHOMISH, WA—The Snohomish County FC Steelheads have expanded their partnership with the Snohomish Sports Dome to include both women’s and men’s teams in the Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL). The new women’s team will also claim the nickname “Steelheads,” and will be the continuation of the former “Lady Skyhawks” who played in the WISL in 2020.

WISL Steelheads Women

“The Snohomish Sports Dome (SSD) is honored to be the home base for the WISL Men’s and Women’s Steelheads teams,” the venue said in a statement. “Having these semi-pro indoor teams based out of Snohomish gives the community a great chance to see some quality soccer while enjoying a night out with friends and family.”

The Lady Skyhawks in action down in Tacoma back in 2020. Going forward the team will play as the Snohomish County FC Steelheads Women. (Facebook photo)

The Snohomish Sports Dome will oversee the efforts of the new WISL Steelheads Women. “Being that two women own SSD, we are especially excited to be the home of the new women’s Steelheads team,” said Jamie Bialek, one of the Dome co-owners. “The WISL women’s league had just started when COVID hit our state and forced the league to shut down.  In the one home game that was played, the Dome had more fans in attendance than they ever have before.  We believe this shows how big soccer is, not only in the City of Snohomish, but in Snohomish County.”

“Over the past year, we have worked hard to make the facility a welcoming place for the entire community! Anyone who walks through that door can expect a competitive game and a great atmosphere!”

The Steelheads Women will organize open tryouts and training in early 2022. The WISL for Women will have announcements later in regards to the Spring 2022 season.

The Snohomish Skyhawks long history in semi-pro indoor soccer is taking a pause for the upcoming
WISL 2021-22 season.

WISL Steelheads Men

The recent announcement that the Snohomish Skyhawks would not be fielding a WISL men’s team next season means it is left up to the Steelheads to honor and carry on the proud traditions of indoor soccer in Snohomish this winter. Snohomish County FC General Manager Dorian Lair says it is a bittersweet time. “While we are excited to continue our preparations for SnoCo FC indoors, we also want to honor and remember all of the hard work and history of the Skyhawks over the years. They are the name people know when they think of Snohomish indoor soccer. We hope we can be a welcoming place for their players and keep the ball rolling in our county.”

The Steelheads made their WISL debut this spring in friendlies against Bellingham United.

Steelheads Men indoor Head Coach Jim Kessler is working with Skyhawks coaches to extend invitations to Skyhawks players. The Steelheads are also forming teams in upcoming Snohomish Sports Dome leagues that players on both teams can join to get to know each other. Interested players can contact Dorian Lair for details:

The Fish will also be holding public WISL pick-up sessions at the Dome on Sunday August 29 and Sunday September 5 at 10:30 AM. Participation fee is $5 per player.

Steelheads Men WISL Open Tryouts are scheduled for September 18 and 19 at the Dome. Players can register now and save on the fee.

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