The Soccer Tavern creates Snohomish County FC history video

2019-wwpl-champions-starSMOKEY POINT, WA— The 2019 Western Washington Premier League Champion Snohomish County FC Steelheads will enter their 4th season of play in 2020 as they seek to defend their league title. It’s a short run and history to date, but still one that The Soccer Tavern YouTube channel requested to share. They have done so with a video describing the SnoCo FC founding and rise into regional elite men’s soccer play.

Dave Knittel (San Francisco / Bay Area) contacted us and asked if we were interested in being the subject of a video, and if so would we supply a timeline about our club,” says Steelheads General Manager David Falk. “We said sure, but then joked that it wouldn’t be a very long video.”

71232570_1227062060830552_619620225825898496_nNittel is the narrator of the entry. He prepared for the shoot by going over the information the club sent him. He even purchased a Steelheads shirt from the club’s RedBubble store.

Now the Steelheads appear on his channel alongside famous world clubs like Arsenal, Chelsea, Liverpool and Manchester United.

The video clocks in at 9 minutes, 16 seconds long.

Knittel has several soccer projects going online. Besides The Soccer Tavern he records Bros Talking Soccer and helped develop fantasy soccer site Fan Futsal.

Behind the scenes at The Soccer Tavern shoot of the Steelheads video.

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