UK, China club owner Jeune joins SnoCo FC Founders Club

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WA— Snohomish County Football Club has three new members in its Founders Club, and the addition is a kind of morale booster for the club. “We are always excited when a new member joins the Founders Club,” says Steelheads General Manager David Falk. “This family brings us something new as well: support from overseas.” Ritchie Jeune owns UK  club Kettering Town FC and Chinese side Shantou Lions. Now he and his family (Yin, Hugo) are Steelheads Founders too.

Ritchie Jeune (far left) is owner of Kettering Town FC (The Poppies) and the newest SnoCo FC Founders Club member.

KetteringTFC“Having been involved in soccer as an owner of teams in UK and China as well as Academies in UK, China and Africa…” wrote Jeune in a note to SnoCo FC, “the one thing I have learned is if talent is to transition successfully from youth soccer to the professional level there must be a pathway. What will be built by Snohomish County FC is a key element in that pathway by enabling players to progress within a competitive league. We are excited to follow your progress. Go Steelheads!”

The addition of the Jeunes’ brings the total number of Steelheads Founders Club members to 18. The club hopes to eventually sell out all 50 spots. Founders get match entry for life, a vote on who will represent the group on the club board, and inaugural Steelheads FC scarves.

“The $300 from Ritchie Jeune is certainly appreciated,” says Falk. “And so is the effort from a football man overseas to encourage what we are trying to establish right here in Snohomish County.”

Snohomish County FC is preparing for its first season in the Western Washington Premier League in 2019.


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