VIDEO: Breaking Down The Goal Of The Year

SNOHOMISH, WA— The 2021 Men’s Outdoor Season has come to a close, but the buzz around the final weekend of play lives on. The Steelheads took two thrilling 1-0 away wins on late goals to earn second place in the final Western Washington Premier League table.

Filming the Goal of the Year

Steelheads President David Falk captured the 2021 Goal of the Year on his Canon camera. Standing near the endline, he first focused on Karim Piottin’s throw in, then quickly panned back to the penalty area in time to film Isaac Rodriguez challenging for the ball. The scuffle in the middle sent the ball rolling temptingly back out to the wing where Karim had re-entered the play. The camera barely has time to focus as Piottin performs a perfect “Rabona” cross (switching to his left foot from behind) which lofts to Rodriguez at the top of the penalty arc. Then even in ‘real time’ the play almost seems like slow motion as Isaac times his kick, and then…

See the video breakdown below.

More than just a Spectacular Play

It wasn’t just that this was an amazing goal (it was), or that it won a match in the 89th minute (it did) …but also what it meant to the club. The three points earned at Harbor Force clinched second place for the 2021 season and backed up the championship run of 2019. In case people didn’t already know it, the Fish are for real, and for real annual contenders.

Congratulations to Head Coach Dagi Kesim and Assistant Coaches Kade Dorning and Jeff Adams. They kept a sense of “team” all season long and answered the challenges brought on by Covid 19, player availability and the extended (longer) season.

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