Steelheads 2021 Season Results

Sun. March 283 PMSTEELHEADS3:2Gala FCLakewood HS
Sat. April 32 PMGrays Harbor1:4STEELHEADSStewart Field
Sun. April 183 PMSTEELHEADS2-2Kirkland Lakewood HS
Sun. April 253 PMSTEELHEADS1-1Federal WayLakewood HS
Sun. May 9+1 PMSTEELHEADS3-5WenatcheeLakewood HS
Sun. May 16+3 PMSTEELHEADS1-0Nido SeattleLakewood HS
Sat. May 226 PMLacey0-5STEELHEADSS. Sound Stadium
Sat. June 56 PMNido Seattle1-3STEELHEADSNathan Hale HS
Sun. June 203 PMSTEELHEADS1-0HarborLakewood HS
Sun. Aug. 112 PMSTEELHEADS7-0Grays HarborLakewood HS
Sat. Aug. 142 PMKirkland2-2STEELHEADSBeaver Lake MS
Sun. Aug. 226 PMSTEELHEADS2-0LaceySnohomish HS
Sat. Aug. 283 PMWenatchee3-0 STEELHEADSApple Bowl
Sat. Sept. 116 PMFederal Way0-1STEELHEADSSaghalie Park
Sun. Sept. 126 PMHarbor0-1STEELHEADSGig Harbor HS
TBA=To Be Announced. +=Doubleheader with Gala. Check below for when the Gala match kicks off.
Home Matches in Bold. All details subject to change.
Steelheads Women 2021 Schedule
May 152 PMKirkland FC5-0STEELHEADSRobinswood Park
July 171 PMSTEELHEADS2-5Kirkland FCLakewood HS
Watch as we build the SILVERS and more matches are added to the schedule!
Gala FC (Steelheads Second Team)
March 143 PMCultures United1:0GALAChief Sealth HS
Sun. March 283 PMSTEELHEADS2:3GALALakewood HS
Sun. April 117 PMCultures United3-1GALAChief Sealth HS
Sat. April 247:30 PMSeattle Umoja2-0GALASaghalie Park
Sat. May 16:30 PMISC Gunners3-2GALACentral Park #4
Sun. May 9+3 PMGALA2-0ISC GunnersLakewood HS
Sun. May 16+1 PMGALA1-1Nido Seattle 2Lakewood HS
Sun. May 232 PMNorPen FC4-1GALAJeff. Memorial
Sun. June 6TBAHarbor 20-6GALATBA
Sun. June 271 PMGALA0-0NorPen FCLakewood HS
Sat. July 173 PMGALA3-1Seattle UmojaLakewood HS
Sat. July 243 PMGALA1-0Harbor 2Forfeit Win
Sat. Aug. 712:45 PMNido Seattle 24-1GALAJefferson Playfield
TBA=To Be Announced. +=Doubleheader with Steelheads. Check above for when the Fish kick off.
Home Matches in Bold. All details subject to change.

2019 WWPL Champions

MatchMarch 304 PMWenatchee1-1STEELHEADSAPL
MatchApril 133 PMSTEELHEADS0-0Tri-CitiesLHS
MatchApril 205 PMSkagit Valley0-1STEELHEADSWSF
MatchApril 274:15 PMTacoma0-1STEELHEADSWHS
MatchMay 44 PMSTEELHEADS2-2IssaquahLHS
MatchMay 117 PMTimbers U232-1STEELHEADSCFC
MatchMay 184 PMSTEELHEADS2-1Federal WayLHS
MatchMay 263 PMSTEELHEADS6-0LaceyLHS
MatchJune 85:30 PMKirkland1-1STEELHEADSBC
MatchJune 163 PMSTEELHEADS1-1Nido Aguila SEALHS
MatchJuly 66 PMHarbor0-4STEELHEADSPE
MatchJuly 75 PMBellevue0-9STEELHEADSBC
MatchJuly 134 PMSTEELHEADS4-1Grays HarborLHS
MatchJuly 187 PMXF Redmond0-1STEELHEADSRHS