Steelheads 2021 Season Schedule

Sun. March 283 PMSTEELHEADS3:2Gala FCLakewood HS
Sat. April 32 PMGrays Harbor1:4STEELHEADSStewart Field
Sun. April 183 PMSTEELHEADS2-2Kirkland Lakewood HS
Sun. April 253 PMSTEELHEADS1-1Federal WayLakewood HS
Sat. May 16 PMHarborv.STEELHEADSPostponed (TBA)
Sun. May 9+1 PMSTEELHEADS3-5WenatcheeLakewood HS
Sun. May 16+3 PMSTEELHEADS1-0Nido SeattleLakewood HS
Sat. May 226 PMLacey0-5STEELHEADSS. Sound Stadium
Sat. June 56 PMNido Seattle1-3STEELHEADSNathan Hale HS
Sun. June 203 PMSTEELHEADSv. HarborLakewood HS
Sun. June 27+3 PMSTEELHEADSv.Grays HarborLakewood HS
Sat. Aug. 142:30Kirklandv.STEELHEADSWilburton Hill Park
Sun. Aug. 223 PMSTEELHEADSv.LaceyLakewood HS
Sat. Aug. 283 PMWenatcheev. STEELHEADSApple Bowl
Sat. Sept. 116 PMFederal Wayv.STEELHEADSSaghalie Park
TBA=To Be Announced. +=Doubleheader with Gala. Check below for when the Gala match kicks off.
Home Matches in Bold. All details subject to change.
Silvers 2021 Schedule (New Women’s Team)
May 152 PMKirkland FC5-0SILVERSRobinswood Park
June 106-8 PMOPEN TRYOUTSREGISTER HERESnohomish Sports Dome
June 263:30 PMOly Town FCv.SILVERSBlackhills High School
July 171 PMSILVERSv. Kirkland FCLakewood HS
Watch as we build the SILVERS and more matches are added to the schedule!
Gala FC (Steelheads Second Team)
March 143 PMCultures United1:0GALAChief Sealth HS
Sun. March 283 PMSTEELHEADS2:3GALALakewood HS
Sun. April 117 PMCultures United3-1GALAChief Sealth HS
Sat. April 247:30 PMSeattle Umoja2-0GALASaghalie Park
Sat. May 16:30 PMISC Gunners3-2GALACentral Park #4
Sun. May 9+3 PMGALA2-0ISC GunnersLakewood HS
Sun. May 16+1 PMGALA1-1Nido Seattle 2Lakewood HS
Sun. May 232 PMNorPen FC4-1GALAJeff. Memorial
Sun. June 6TBAHarbor 20-6GALATBA
Sun. June 27+1 PMGALAv.NorPen FCLakewood HS
Sat. July 10TBANido Seattle 2v.GALATBA
Sat. July 173 PMGALAv.Seattle UmojaLakewood HS
Sat. July 243 PMGALAv.Harbor 2Lakewood HS
TBA=To Be Announced. +=Doubleheader with Steelheads. Check above for when the Fish kick off.
Home Matches in Bold. All details subject to change.
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