Snohomish County Football Club

About Us

Mission Statement

SNOHOMISH COUNTY FOOTBALL CLUB provides youth and adults with free or subsidized professional training, facilities, technology, and products to the community, specifically BIPOC youth & adults who come from lower socio-economic areas and situations, providing a critical outlet to maintain a healthy lifestyle and provide extracurricular activities to participate. Secondarily, The Club provides support for helping promote and service those athletes who look to take their experience and skills to the next level providing them the critical exposure and leadership training to navigate the competitive athletic landscape. This includes services the club provides around marketing and promotion of players, creating and developing content, making connections to other organizations on behalf of its members, providing coaching clinics, tactical sessions and strategy classes to help give athletes the tools and knowledge to be able to succeed.

Est.2017, The Snohomish County FC Steelheads are a Washington State Non-Profit. Our club has 120+ Members, Players, Staff, Coaches, and Volunteers operating across Snohomish County, the second-largest county in the state. We operate 4+ teams: Men’s Indoor & Outdoor and Women’s Indoor & Outdoor. Our players consist of former & current pros, former & current collegiate athletes, youth club athletes, and recreational players.  

Who We Serve

Snohomish County Football Club prides itself on serving disenfranchised communities including LGBTQ+, BIPOC, immigrants, at-risk youth & adults, and more. Snohomish County partners with local youth clubs to provide an experience like no other. We spend as much time as we can connect with local youth players and kids in the community by inviting them to games, volunteer coaching, walking out with our semi-pro teams at games, performing halftime shows, and even providing some of the older youth the chance to play and train with our first teams. We are a community driven organization and work with local municipalities to provide programming for the community to get involved in the sport.