The Steelheads Foundation Teams Up w/ Edmonds School District Foundation on 5k & Futsal Tournament Fundraiser

The role of sports in communities is not just to entertain, but also to inspire, unite, and give back. This principle was fully exemplified a few weeks ago, when The Steelheads Foundation and Snohomish County Football Club (SCFC) teamed up to support the Edmonds School District Foundation in its annual 5k run and Futsal tournament. The collaboration was nothing short of remarkable and underscored the importance of local organizations working hand in hand to uplift the community.

Unity for a Cause

The Edmonds School District Foundation is a linchpin for education support within the community, providing both financial aid and a platform for students to excel academically and personally. Their annual 5k run and Futsal tournament is more than just an event – it’s a beacon of hope, an opportunity for kids to showcase their talents, and a testament to the unity of the Edmonds community.

In this year’s edition, the involvement of The Steelheads Foundation and SCFC brought a new level of energy and support. The two football entities, already known for their prowess on the field, demonstrated their commitment to the betterment of the local community in a profound way.

The Heart of the Tournament: Volunteerism

One of the standout contributions from The Steelheads and SCFC was the provision of volunteer referees. Ensuring a fair play environment is crucial in any sporting event, and having skilled, volunteer referees meant that the matches were both competitive and just.

Furthermore, under the guidance of President & Chairman Dorian Lair, the teams not only managed the Futsal games but also actively participated in coaching and mentoring the young players. Dorian Lair, in addition to his executive role, also coaches the Girls 2012 team at Snohomish United. Alongside newly added Steelheads Foundation Staff Britta Bhatt and Elise Mattson, whose daughters also play for Coach Dorian, help in supporting and getting the girls together to support EDS and The Steelheads Foundation. Their hands-on approach – from refereeing to imparting invaluable football knowledge – enriched the experience for all participants.

A Day to Remember: The Steelheads Booth & Generosity

Adding to the festivity and engagement of the event was the Steelheads booth. This wasn’t just a typical information stall; it was a hub of excitement and bonding. Several local businesses attended the event including:

  • BECU
  • Chick-fil-A
  • Dave and Busters
  • Edmonds College Tritons
  • Experience Momentum
  • Foundation for Edmonds School District
  • Gesa Credit Union
  • Heritage Bank
  • Lynnwood Kids Dentist
  • Molina Healthcare
  • Puget Sound Energy
  • Reece Homes
  • Sound Credit Union
  • Virginia Mason

The Steelheads booth was bustling with activity, offering free merchandise to all participants. Included in that excitement and support was the Edmonds College Softball Team. Such a gesture not only amplified the sense of community but also showcased the generosity of The Steelheads Foundation and SCFC. From setting up the venue to ensuring everything was in order post-event, their involvement was holistic. Their assistance in setup and cleanup might sound simple, but such tasks are crucial for the seamless execution of any event, and a great way to get the Snohomish United Girls 2012’s together for team bonding, and experience in event management, volunteering, and entrepreneurship.

A Brighter Future Through Partnership

This collaboration between The Steelheads Foundation, Snohomish County Football Club, and the Edmonds School District Foundation serves as a shining example of what is possible when local organizations come together for a greater cause. The event was more than a display of sportsmanship – it was a celebration of community, generosity, and shared values.

In a world that often emphasizes competition and rivalry, especially in sports, this partnership underscores the power of unity and the profound impact that can be achieved when organizations rally together for the common good.

We want to thank the Edmonds School District Foundation, and all of its staff and volunteers for allowing The Steelheads Foundation and Snohomish United G12s to help with the event. We look forward to many more years of support!

A Monumental Thank You to Our Community Pillars

To each individual and organization that made our event an outstanding success, we extend our deepest gratitude. Our heart swells with appreciation for the City of Lynnwood, especially Shannon Sessions and Julieta Altamirano-Crosby, whose unwavering commitment left an indelible mark. Angie McGuire from ESD, and Tessa Rockwell of Giggles Entertainment – your contributions shone brilliantly. Sabrina from NWJPB, Scott Barnes of ESD, Katy Wolfe from the delightful Finn Food Truck, Patty Shank of Sweet Wheels, Forrest Gatewood with the Pilgrim Coffee Truck, Joseph Hardy of Split Open and Melt, Cory A. of the tantalizing Mexican/Cuban fusion, and the teams from Chick-Fil-A, Dave & Busters, Edmonds College Tritons, Experience Momentum, and Gesa Credit Union, we’re indebted to you.

To the Foundation for Edmonds School District, Reece Homes, Sound Credit Union, and the Virginia Mason Medical Team, your involvement was nothing short of invaluable. A special shoutout to Josh McMullen of Joshua McMullen Studios, the Foundation ESD Staff – notably Deborah Brandi and Deborah Jacobsen, and the stellar City of Lynnwood team: Debbie Hodgson, Natalie Smith, Commander Wes Deppa, Logan Hardwick from the Police Dept., Tod Gates from the Fire Dept., and the incredible force of the Parks, Recreation & Cultural Arts Division led by Ashley Murawski and Eric Peterson. Rus Kroshko from Public Works, we noticed and deeply appreciate your effort. Our Edmonds Community College Volunteers, Stuart Hogge from Community Transit, Shawnari Guzman of the South Snohomish Fire Department, Erick Vazquez from the Timing Company, Dakota Pilkington responsible for our Race Bibs, Larissa Chartrand from Alderwood Mall, Phil and Kenzo Onishi who magnified our sound, Scott Barnes with the drumlines, and Matt Drumm, our drumline coach – your efforts resonated deeply with all attendees.

Jennifer Wong, Rebecca Okelo, Jake Bergevin from the Marching Band, and everyone from the City of Lynnwood’s many divisions and departments, including the unmatched Sgt. Valentine from the Police Department, we’re grateful beyond words.

Last but not least, a grand salute to anyone else we might have inadvertently missed in this acknowledgment. Your contributions, seen or unseen, were the backbone of our event’s success, and for that, we are eternally grateful. Here’s to collaboration, community spirit, and the magic we create together.

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