“The Pitch Perspective” interview w/ Director Kieren Raney & President Dorian Lair

Recently, Club President Dorian Lair and Director of Outdoor Football Kieren Rainey were selected for an interview with the hit new amateur soccer podcast “The Pitch Perspective,” where the goal is to explore all things American lower league soccer. Steven Ramirez, is the host of the podcast where he focuses on the latest news, match reviews, and interviews with top voices in the world of American soccer. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or just getting started, his channel offers a unique perspective on the beautiful game.

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The interview focused on Snohomish County FC in their mission of building community and maintaining competitiveness as a key to the clubs’ survival, and ultimate goal of thriving, while connecting with the community, hosting events, building programs, and putting on semi-pro matches as critical pieces for building a fan base and sustaining their mission.

The interview also discussed marketing as an important tool for keeping fans engaged and interested, while maintaining a strong foundation that includes good staff, operations, and technology in the marketing efforts.

To wrap up the interview, firstly, Kieren Raney spent time discussing his family’s work, Adventure Soccer, a non-profit organization based in Snohomish County that uses soccer as a tool to do non-profit work in South Africa. They work with kids who are orphaned because of the HIV/AIDS crisis, providing them with clean water, fresh food, clothes, and access to free education. Secondly, they discuss the Steelheads men’s and women’s indoor soccer programs and its new partnership with Arena Sports to reduce and potentially make the upcoming season free for the public. As a non-profit organization, they are grateful for the opportunity to work with a premier state-of-the-art facility and remove barriers for players and fans.

Finally, Steven discussed Amateur soccer as the foundation of the sport, and support for Snohomish County FC can be shown on social media or by donating to Kieren’s non-profit for the global game.

Make sure to check out the full video above!

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