Steelheads Academy

The Snohomish County Football club is excited to now offer the official Steelheads Training Academy!

Calling all future Steelheads! We will be hosting weekly “Train with the Pros” academy. The training academy will be lead by former and current pro & semi-pro players, coaches and staff to help support inspiring soccer players and those who want to take their skills to the next level. The goal is to not only become better players, it is to also drive involvement in the game, provide mentorship to the community and most of all have fun with the game we love! As an added benefit, all funds go directly back into our local Non-Profit Snohomish County FC to help continue to serve the community and provide opportunities like this for those who are underserved.

The Program

Each training level consists of conditioning drills, footwork drills, shooting drills, and communication drills., side-by-side with both men’s and women’s first teams. All key parts to help with developing into a strong soccer player and giving the community a sense of what it’s like to “train with the pros.”