SnoCo FC reveals 2021 Sponsorship Options

SMOKEY POINT, WA—Snohomish County Football Club’s 2021 Sponsorship options are designed to give local businesses a chance to support our men’s and women’s teams at an affordable rate. They include levels that can put brands front and center for an entire year (or more) of exciting premier adult soccer.

Download 2021 Sponsorship Deck Here (PDF)

“We are a not-for-profit community team,” says General Manager David Falk, “as such we make the most out of whatever comes our way. Our supporters, players, coaches, and families have seen us through four years of growth. Now we humbly ask our fellow local businesses to consider joining us as our program expands with a new women’s team and a new men’s indoor soccer team in year five to go along with our championship-winning men’s outdoor team.”

A School of Fish

SnoCo FC’s Steelheads (men) and Silvers (women) feature nearly ninety local elite adult athletes. Sponsors have immediate contact and impact with this important age group of 18-40 year-old Snohomish residents (some older than this, a few younger.) The club sells tickets, features business signage and hosts families, fans and community at home matches. During the week The Fish spread the word about the club and its business partners on social media to an average of over 3,000 viewers a week. Coverage in local newspapers, including the Everett Herald, North County Outlook, Snohomish Times (and others) often include photos of players in potentially sponsored gear.

Making a Difference

“Our sponsors really can see that they are making a difference,” Falk says. “They see it on our shirts, in the spring in our steps, in the eyes of the players who take the pitch representing Snohomish.”

2021 brings new challenges and new expenses to SnoCo FC. The club continues to plan even in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic. The Fish want to be ready to go when the all clear is given. So it is with both hope for the future and faith in the Snohomish community that the club reveals a Sponsorship “Deck” that is affordable, reasonable and flexible.

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