Founders Club Members step up as Steelheads volunteers


cropped-snohomish-county-fc-steelheads-primary-800.pngSNOHOMISH COUNTY, WA— Snohomish County Football Club (SnoCo FC) decided earlier this year that they wanted to organize and grow in a way that allowed local residents and soccer fans to help build the club from the ground up. So the “Steelheads” unveiled a “Founders Club” plan that offers lifetime season tickets, a vote for a representative on the club board, and an inaugural SnoCo FC scarf — all for just $100. So far the club has sold 15 of 50 available Memberships. It’s a start that comes with helping hands.

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“We were excited to sell an initial bunch of Founders Club Memberships right away after we made the offer public,” says SnoCo FC General Manager David Falk. “We were looking for signs that the community was interested in having an elite adult men’s soccer club, and these early sales were crucial.”

Ruth Nicholson checking players in at 2018 SnoCo FC Open Tryouts.
Ruth Nicholson.

Not only did the Memberships give the Steelheads $1,500 before even ever selling a ticket, but some of the folks who are Founders are also now in volunteer positions helping the club in other important ways. Steelheads Community Liaison Ruth Nicholson gifted a Membership to her son Colin. Now she is proving instrumental in the club’s relationship with the Snohomish County Sports Commission. Nicholson is also leading a club committee to find a permanent home stadium and community for the Steelheads. She recently submitted a grant application for the club, too.

Matt Tabor.

Matt Tabor is a Steelheads Founders Club Member who has experience in sports sponsorships and a family of accountant-types who can help the Steelheads with the paperwork side of running a club. Matt is working to be ready to visit with businesses around the county and especially those close to where ever the Steelheads end up playing. He’ll pitch the club to prospective partners (sponsors).

Matt Tabor sports his new Steelheads T-shirt as he prepares to greet local businesses this Fall.

“Ruth and Matt are what soccer volunteerism is all about,” Falk says. “They didn’t wait around to be asked — they jumped right in and started helping. The Steelheads are fortunate to have them both and appreciate their time and talents.” Falk understands that not all Founders have the time and inclination to volunteer. “We can find a place for anyone, but of course even if Founders just join the Club as Members (but don’t have time to volunteer), they are giving us crucial support as we build the Steelheads.”

Falk admits it has been a dry spell in between sales of Founders Club spots. “We have been on the number 15 for a few months now,” he reveals. “We are only going to sell 50 of them ever in the history of the club. We hope that people think about grabbing a few up for families or as gifts as the holidays approach. It’s a rare chance at history — having your name on the page of FOUNDERS for a football club.”

The Steelheads are hoping to reveal their home venue and local community as early as November.

On the pitch the club is moving up to regional play in the Western Washington Premier League (WWPL) in spring 2019.

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Cover photo: Steelheads FC Founders Club Member Peter Zastrow helps at a 2018 home match. Below: SnoCo FC General Manager David Falk (far right, orange shirt) passes buttons out to fans.


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