Lady Fish Dominate OVF in Inaugural Match

Smokey Point, Washington

The Snohomish County FC Women’s Steelheads had their first-ever league match this past Sunday, May 15th. It was an exciting match that finished with a final score of 5-1. The match was fairly clean for both teams and only saw 3 yellow cards at the end of the second half. One for the Steelheads and two for OVF Alliance. Possession slightly favored the Steelheads which provided an abundance of opportunities for scoring. 

The Steelheads at the halftime break

We are proud of how the women came together to play as a team for the first time. OVF has talent and shouldn’t be underestimated. We will have a battle on our hands when we travel to their pitch.” says Head Coach Jeff Adams

1st Half:

The sun is nowhere to be seen as heavy rain pours, and the first whistle of the match blows. Steelheads had the 1st half kick, possession goes back and forth. About 10 minutes go by and the ball goes out for a Steelheads corner kick, Jacobson gives a driven ball into the 6-yard box and Sandra Agbotse connects with a header, sending it past the OVF keeper. 

Steelheads continue to press connecting passes through the middle, creating more opportunities to score. Estera Livente is subbed at around the 18-minute mark, and soon after, takes the ball down the left side of the field. She sends a cross into the near post where the ball bobbles around. It finds its way to an OVF defensive mid who clears the ball right to Storm Hendrix’s feet. Hendrix makes no mistake to capitalize and strike the ball the first time, and hits the back of the net, for the second goal of the evening. Steelheads lead 2-0

After 35 minutes of play, Sandra Agbotse receives the ball for a throw-in on the right side of the field just above the half. A long throw and a flick of the foot by Livente puts the ball into the corner with Sarah Dunbar running after it. With only one OVF defender back, Kiana Jacobson makes a run to the middle of the goal. Dunbar sends a high cross over and Jacobson gets a head on it but taps it the wrong way. Thankfully Sarah Stochel was alert and got herself into the right position to make it 3-0 for the Steelheads

2nd Half:

The rain has let up but still no sun. OVF Alliance started with the ball in the second half and was able to create a couple of chances in the first five minutes but was unable to capitalize. The ball is set for a goal kick as Goalkeeper Kaitlin MacKenzie takes the kick. An OVF midfielder ends up with the ball and tries to make a pass back but without prevailing, Jacobson is there to intercept. A quick turn and touch lead to Jacobson playing Dunbar to the right corner of the field. Dunbar is faster and reaches the ball before any defender, she looks up to see Jacobson in the box and sends a beautiful cross. Jacobson finishes with her left thigh over the goalkeeper’s hands into the upper left of the goal, and just like that the Steelheads hit OVF with a quick counterattack to make it 4-0 in the first five minutes of play.

15 minutes into the second half, an OVF defender has the ball and tries to connect to the middle when Livente steals the pass. She takes one touch and then fires a shot from nearly 30 yards out. It goes right into the top right corner of the net. A beautiful shot and goal by Estera Livente to make the Steelheads 5-0. 

In the 21st minute, OVF was able to get on the scoreboard when a ball wasn’t cleared out of the 6-yard box. For the remainder of the match, the Steelheads were able to control the ball and see out the game with a final score of 5-1.

Quote from assistant Technical Director Dagi Kesim:

Technical Director Dagi Kasim

“I was very impressed how quickly the ladies adapted to a brand new system. They open the game so quickly and accurately. Coach Jeff and I worked really hard to make everything work. But most of the team hasn’t trained together yet. I expect this team to get better and better. Once all players train regularly together, it will be a tough team to beat. Well done for a first game. Well done on some amazing goals. Well done to Sarah Dunbar on women of the match.”

Next up, the Lady Fish will travel to Nido Seattle on May 28th at Cheif Sealth High School at 1:00 PM. Schedules can be found at

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