Soccer In The Sand, Steelheads Take Home 2nd Place in Seaside

Seaside, Oregon

This past weekend, the Steelheads see some familiar faces for the annual Soccer In The Sand, a nationwide beach soccer series, taking home 2nd place. The first day saw a beautiful morning, sun shining and warm weather. Towards the end of the day, the weather turned a bit with a slight drizzle, but nothing native Pacific Northwesterners aren’t used to. The Fish wrap up the weekend going 2-1-1.

Left to Right: Maggie Tonkin, Dorian Lair, JD Maldonado, Noelle Parker, Trevor Davoren, Brooke Pingrey, Megan Jones, Alma Mana’o, Carson Pingrey, Andrew Escalante, Jeff Christiansen (Operations Assistant)

The weekend’s roster consisted of past and present Steelheads players:

  • Dorian Lair – Club President & GK playing at Forward
  • Trevor Davoren – Men’s Indoor GK playing in Goal
  • JD Maldonado – Men’s Indoor & Outdoor Midfielder
  • Andrew Escalante – Men’s Indoor & Outdoor Forward
  • Carson Pingrey – First Time Steelhead, Center Midfielder
  • Maggie Tonkin – Women’s Indoor & Outdoor Defender
  • Alma Mana’o – Women’s Indoor Center Midfield
  • Brooke Pingrey – Women’s Indoor Defender
  • Noelle Parker – Women’s Indoor Forward
  • Jeff Christiansen – Operations Assistant
  • Kevin Baron – 2019 Men’s Outdoor & Steelheads Supporter

Day 1

Kicks and Giggles

Game 1 saw a pretty dominant result ending 7-3. Andrew Escalante led the game with 4 goals and a fantastic performance by Goalkeeper Trevor Davoren with 14 saves. Other goals game from Noelle Parker (1), JD Maldonado (1), and Maggie Tonkin (1).

Game 2 was quite the show for the Fish. Andrew Escalante added another 4 goals Carson Pingrey (2) Noelle Parker (2) JD Maldonado (1) Dorian Lair (1), Alma Mana’o (1), and even Goalkeeper Trevor Davoren had an amazing left-footed thumper from 25-yards out for a goal. The game ended in a 12-2 routing for the Steelheads. One thing to note about this match, is there was a lone Steelheads supporter who made the trip just to watch the Fish in the weekend’s tournament. Kevin Baron, a long-time Steelheads supporter and former player in the 2019 season, made the journey just to cheer on the team. The team decided to suit up Baron for Sunday’s matches to replace Andrew Escalante, who was unavailable Sunday.

Day 2

Tougher Talent

Game 3 was definitely the toughest match for the Fish, going down 0-2 in the first period. JD Maldonado would add one for the Fish immediately after going down 0-2 from a shot off of the restart, hitting the top corner to go 1-2. The Steelheads came back to tie the match late in the final period, only to see a final-minute goal against them. The game ended 2-3 for the Steelhead’s only loss. Goals came from JD Maldonado (1), and Carson Pingrey (1).

Game 4 was probably the most fun for the Fish, yet another tough match. They found themselves in a back and forth battle all the way up until the last 2-minutes. The first period saw Dorian Lair open the match with a volleyed goal from a corner, but then going down 2-1 by the end of the first period. Soon after, the Steelheads tied the match. The entire rest of the game saw back-and-forth goals. The game would end in a draw at 6-6. Dorian Lair (2), Maggie Tonkin (1) Carson Pingrey (1), Brooke Pingrey (1), Kevin Baron (1).

The Steelheads would end up finishing in second place by 4-points after a forfeit gave the first-place team an automatic 5-0 win.

On a final highlight, after all, the matches were played and champions were crowned, some of the Steelheads decided to play and ref a pick-up game amongst players from youth club Atlast FC affiliate FC Piamonte based in Portland, OR, who happened to win their Championship match.

Steelheads and Atlas FC Piamonte kids get together for a photo after winning their youth division championship

The Steelheads plan to make the annual trip to Seaside for the tournament and add some sessions in over the summer to keep the sand between their toes. If you are interested in being a part of the beach soccer program, make sure to follow us!

Below are some photo highlights of the weekend

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