Steelheads Add Snohomish Business Rock Star To Board of Directors

Snohomish, WA

Born in Belfast and raised in England, and now calling Snohomish home. Restaurant owner and, major football (soccer) fan and player Chef Joel Childs joins the Steelheads board of directors.

“I took on the role given that my semi-pro playing days are behind me, and want to continue to influence and promote football in the Snohomish County community. While the club is in its adolescence and quickly growing, I’m excited to see where we can go. I hope to bring encouragement to the team, staff, and players and utilize my business network too to help the Steelheads become an intricate part of the local and wider Snohomish County community.” – Joel Childs

The Chef Behind The Curtain

Recently featured in several articles including The Everett Herald, Experience Snohomish, Only In Your State, and Food & Travel Blog Adventures with Gi, The Chef Behind The Curtain, a fine dining establishment located in Historic Downtown Snohomish, Washington.

They serve rotating menus of handmade food. Using a blend of modern and classical techniques with seasonal and locally sourced foods, they offer a unique dining experience for any who attends. –

Along with his business partner, Bex Woolman the Chef Behind the Curtain offers a reservation-only, 7-course dinner with 5 matched wines inspired by the chef’s experiences living in Europe, Canada, and the US. –

“Even a month or two before offering him a position on the board, I had been consulting with Joel about club business and discussing how to bring professional football and raising awareness to the Snohomish community. Many of the recent connections to the Snohomish business community and, city counsel connections I have made, I would directly attribute to Joel. He has proven himself to be an invaluable piece to our club’s mission.” – President & Chairman Dorian Lair

Childs’ role will be to continue a lot of the work that he has been doing already including networking, making connections with local business leaders, and helping make and consult on key club decisions.

With the addition of Childs’, The Snohomish County Football Club’s Board of Directions now consists of Dorian Lair (President & Chairman), Christina Walton (Director of Marketing & Secretary of the Board), and now Joel Childs (Board Member).

Learn more about Joel and The Chef Behind The Curtain!

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