Steelheads See 4th Loss In Club History vs Rejuvenated Lacey Side

Lacey, Washington

For the first time in three years, The Steelheads have lost a league game to a team outside of Wenatchee All-Stars. Lacey Light scored two first-half goals to hand the Steelheads their 2nd loss of the season. 

Steelheads play their first match in the new Tackle Kits away at Lacey Lights FC

“Congrats to lacey. This is the strongest Lacey team we have faced.  We will still shoot for top two by going back to our original league winning system adjustment as of today. We miss being the best defensive  team in the league.”

Head Coach Dagi Kesim
Head Coach Dagi Kesim

Tough First Half

The Steelheads started the game strong, for the first 20 minutes, the Fish pressed the back line of Lacey forcing turnovers but unfortunately, couldn’t create anything with those turnovers. Lacey’s first chance would come in the 30th minute off a free kick from 25 yards out. One of the center backs from the Steelheads slipped right before making a challenge on the Lacey players, causing the foul for the free-kick. Lacey would Score a top corner goal to open the score 0-1. 7 minutes later Lacey would score from a corner kick. The Steelheads center back had a first touch with his head but, the clearance hit a Lacey player right in the head and went into the net to make it 0-2. The half would finish 0-2 Lacey

Scoreless Second Half

The 2nd half didn’t see much action until the 65th minute when Head Coach Dagi Kesim looked to change the tactics up. The Steelheads would change formation seeing as they were down 0-2, which had paid off the last two games against Umoja and Kirkland. This also left the Steelheads exposed which gave Lacey three clear chances that the Steelheads Goalkeeper Regis Viteri was up for the challenge by making all 3 saves and keeping the fish in the game. The Fish also have a few opportunities to tie the game. The first one came when forward Andrew Escalante and Lacey’s keeper went up for a cross, The Keeper made a poor clearance that popped out to Jacen Stein, he volleyed his shot just wide of the post. 10 minutes later Karim Piottin sent a cross into the box where Stein had a chance at a header that went straight to the keeper. Lacey also switched their formation up by going to five defenders, The game would end 0-2 for Lacey light.

Other League play:

From around the league, Wenatchee beat Umoja 1-0 off an 85th-minute PK. Kirkland and Nido played to a 1-1 draw.  

Steelheads All-Time League Record: 18-9-4

  • Wenatchee 0-1-3 (currently D1)
  • Grays Harbor 5-0 (relegated D2) 
  • Crossfire Premier 1-0 (moved to NPSL)
  • Tacoma Narrows 1-0 (team folded)
  • Kirkland Goats 1-5-0 (currently D1)
  • Nido Aguila 2-1-0 (currently D1)
  • Federal Way 2-1-0 (team Folded)
  • Gig Habor 3-0-0 (team folded)
  • Lacey Light 3-0-1 (currently D1)
  • Seattle Umoja 0-1-0 (currently D1)
  • ISC Gunners 0-1-0 (relegated D2)

Next Up

This weekend we see a combination of Steelheads Men and Women travel to Seaside, OR for the annual Soccer In The Sand Tournament. Also, the Lady Fish will face Steel United Away on June 18th for their third match.

Beach Soccer Tournament

A Nationwide Beach Soccer Series

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