Banners arrive at Steelheads HQ

SNOHOMISH COUNTY, WA— The Steelheads recently received a shipment of vinyl banners to hang at matches in 2019. The banners feature the new “Sounders Wave” logo and also QR codes for fans to scan in person. The banners are a gift from club partner


“It is a long off-season for Western Washington Premier League clubs,” says SnoCo FC General Manager David Falk, “So we like to spend some of that time planning and creating. The banners came about as a way to bring the Steelheads colors and logos into our future match venue.”


The 3 feet by 8 feet “Welcome to Steelheads Soccer!” banner features a nod to the old (NASL) Seattle Sounders ‘wave logo.’ Steelheads Graphic Designer Mark Lavis made the new look, which has a black wave going through the word “Snohomish” and the club’s logo taking up the middle “o.” The look was a big hit with players and Founders Club members when it was posted earlier in a Facebook group. “We think it not only looks cool, but we love the wave as a way to honor the original Sounders and all they have meant to soccer in Washington,” Falk says.


The QR code banner is 3 feet x 3 feet and when it is scanned by a cell phone it sends the connection to this page – a link of all the Steelheads online social media pages. The other two banners are also 3 x 3 square and feature the Fish logo with an orange background.

“We are having fun getting ready for our first season in the WWPL and getting stuff done like having banners printed is part of the process of making all of the off-season days count,” Falk explains.





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