Capstone Home Loans New Major Partner and Steelheads Women Shirt Sponsor

SNOHOMISH, WA—Snohomish County FC Steelheads are pleased to reveal that Capstone Home Loans (Lynnwood, WA) is joining the club as a new major partner and shirt sponsor for the Steelheads Women indoor and outdoor teams.

The agreement also includes a partnership with the Snohomish Sports Dome, home of the Steelheads Women Indoor Team.

Capstone Home Loans is honored to be partnering with Steelheads and the Snohomish Sports Dome,” says Senior Loan Consultant Jeff Judy.  “We look forward to a winning season, and love this program.”

Visit the new Steelheads Partners at

As a part of the agreement between all parties, Capstone Home Loans will be featured as the shirt sponsor on the front of the Steelheads Women jerseys.

“We are very thankful for the generosity of Capstone Home Loans and their community spirit in helping us get our women’s programs going,” says Steelheads General Manager Dorian Lair.

Capstone Home Loans Home Match Countdown debuts

The Capstone Home Loans logo is now featured on the front of the official Steelheads website at It is located just below a timer which counts the days, hours and minutes until the next Steelheads home match. It has been dubbed the “Capstone Home Loans Home Match Countdown” by the club.

Capstone Home Loans can be followed on their official Facebook page and on this Yelp! page.

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