Magenta moment? Steelheads ponder next Icarus FC kit design

SMOKEY POINT, WA— The Snohomish County FC Steelheads recently got their first order of custom jackets. They are taking orders for the windbreakers at

Always wanting to get their name out there and continue the evolution of their ‘look,’ the Fish are once again pondering a design idea sent to them by kit partners Icarus FC.

Steelheads players Andrew Escalante and Dorian Lair have an eye towards football fashion and they are making a pitch for a third kit. They contacted Icarus FC who delivered a set of designs with Magenta as the striking featured color. See the ideas below in full size.




Steelheads General Manager David Falk has long been a passionate supporter of orange as the SnoCo FC primary color. But even he has to admit that magenta works wonderfully with black, gray and the hexagonal patterns the Fish are now known for. “Any of these would be an amazing third kit to go with the Hex and the Orange we already have,” says Falk. “Magenta is bold and eye-catching. It could happen if we get a sponsor interested in being on the front.”

Falk saw the design concepts and then wondered how a similar color application would look on the Steelheads crest. He came up with the rough drafts below.




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