SnoCo FC seeks input on adding Women’s team

cropped-snohomish-county-fc-steelheads-primary-800.pngSMOKEY POINT, WA— Snohomish County Football Club is seeking input from the soccer community in regards to adding an elite adult women’s team to the club program. Currently SnoCo FC are in the third year of running a men’s elite adult team that is competing in the Western Washington Premier League (WWPL). Recently inquiries have come to the club about a women’s side.

Fuerza FC 

“The last time Snohomish County had a women’s elite team for players to compete on during the spring and summer was when Fuerza FC fielded a side for a few years out of Marysville,” says SnoCo FC General Manager David Falk. “I was saddened when they decided to not have that team anymore, because they filled an important niche in the county.”

Fuerza FC (Marysville) in the 2017 NWPL playoffs.

Slow Build

The Steelheads have been slowly building out a men’s program since 2017. After two years of playing friendlies the men’s team joined the WWPL in 2019. So far the club is competitive on the pitch and the finances of running the side have about broken even.

Is SnoCo FC a good fit for women’s soccer? “If you ask us do we want elite women’s adult soccer in Snohomish, of course we do,” says Falk. “The question is whether the community wants to help make it happen under the Snohomish County FC name.”


Seeking Input

The Steelheads posted a form over the weekend for players, coaches,  fans, volunteers and possible sponsors to register their interest in a women’s team. You can add your voice to the idea here. Without much fanfare the form has been filled out seven times already — all by hopeful players.

white-4-300“We know we can fill a roster with players,” Falk says. “There is plenty of talent and desire in the county for playing. But what will make it happen will be sponsors, volunteers, fans and coaches coming forward and committing to it.”

The most-likely destination for such a team would be applying to join the Northwest Premier League which currently has 9 clubs around the state of Washington.

A women’s team might have a slow build like the men have. It’s also possible that people will jump into place sooner and faster and a team could be just around the corner.

“This one is up to the community,” Falk says. “We are excited to see what the response is.”

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