Snohomish Chamber of Commerce Welcomes The Steelheads

Snohomish, WA

This off-season has not been an off-season for The Steelheads’ leadership. In continued growth and efforts to become a vital part of the Snohomish community, The Steelheads have been welcomed as official members of the Snohomish Chamber of Commerce, joining a number of high-profile local businesses, in hopes to drive enthusiasm and support from key city and business leaders to bring professional soccer to Snohomish.

What is the Chamber of Commerce?

The Chamber of Commerce is a voluntary organization that unites businesses and professional people in an effort to expand the economy of an area. It must be understood that a Chamber of Commerce is PEOPLE. There is a place in the Chamber for members to get involved and accomplish collectively what no one of them could do alone, thereby creating a pool of resources from which to draw ideas, energies, and finance. Today, Chambers of Commerce have become community organizations that recognize all the factors that affect their community and adjust their programs accordingly

The Chamber is governed by a volunteer Board of Directors elected annually by the Membership to oversee the activities, programs, and committees and direct the duties of the Office Manager. The Snohomish Chamber of Commerce membership is primarily made up of local Snohomish retail, professional businesses, and non-profit governmental and service organizations. Neighboring communities businesses and community-involved individuals round out the membership. –

What does this mean?

The Steelheads will now be able to promote the club in more affordable ways, access tons of events and gatherings with local leaders to promote the club and support the community to grow a deeper fan base, and source help and utilize local resources from a number of businesses in the chamber.

“While there are a number of benefits included in being a part of the Chamber of Commerce, the key idea is that we will be a part of a community of individuals and businesses that want to see the community grow. All collaborating together, sharing resources, information, thoughts, ideas, and maybe some food and drinks here and there, all in hopes to grow the community and local businesses.”

President & Chairman Dorian Lair

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