Steelheads Hex jerseys for sale at Classic Football Shirts

SMOKEY POINT, WA— How long does it take for something to be considered a “classic?” In the case of the Snohomish County FC Steelheads‘ “Hex Grey” jerseys, just a month or two!

The eye-catching shirts were designed by Icarus FC and made their debut on April 27 in SnoCo FC’s first-ever league match. The 1-0 win was a nice accomplishment. Now the club has another as the Hex Greys are listed for sale at well-respected dealers Classic Football Shirts over in the UK. This page has all the details and photos.

Get your Hex Grey — in the UK! (Glen Moffitt)

It’s a bit of fun that beginners SnoCo FC are featured on the site. The club sold out of the shirts in an earlier order this year though, so the UK-based seller is currently the only place to get one. Just convert those pounds to dollars and you are in business.

How did this all come about? Classic Football Shirts partnered with Icarus FC, and then contacted the Steelheads. The Snohomish Club agreed to make the jerseys available online.

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