Youth club Gala FC continues as important Steelheads Partner

Gala FC coaches Michael Baxter (left) and Dagi Kesim (right) enjoy some “Fish Food” this season with the Steelheads.

galafclogoSNOHOMISH COUNTY, WA— Snohomish County Football Club is pleased to announce that Gala FC will continue on with the Steelheads as an important partner in making elite adult soccer possible at the regional level in the County. Gala will share equipment, coaching time and other soccer-related expertise as appropriate with their vision of youth soccer support of the adult game.

“Gala FC is sending players up to play for the Steelheads,” says SnoCo FC General Manager David Falk. “It has been a great partnership for us. Gala coaches are involved and Steelheads players get to interact with the youth as well.”

“As a founder of Gala FC and Head Coach the Steelheads, I like the natural connection we  have with each other,” says Gala FC Director Dagi Kesim.  “Gala FC has its heart and focus on our kids, but that is also why we are involved in the Steelheads — so our older kids can keep competing and our younger kids have players to emulate.”

Steelheads brought up three guys from Gala FC youth club to put into the mix in 2018. Brothers Connor and Cody McWilliams (orange shirts) along with Ahmed Elsir.

The Steelheads are continually looking for partners in all aspects of soccer, business and community as the club seeks to grow in service to elite adult soccer in Snohomish County. Contact us at See our Partner program here.


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