Emotional visit to Oso for Steelheads’ GM


by David Falk

OSO, WA— (From March, 2019) It was a somber, emotional visit for me as I placed a Snohomish County FC Steelheads scarf at the Slide Memorial in Oso on March 9, a day ahead of the 2019 Steelheads open tryouts in Smokey Point.

It was important for the club and for myself to make the pilgrimage on the winding road and through the snowy fields and surrounding majestic hills and mountains to view the site where 43 Snohomish residents lost their lives on March 22, 2014. This year it will be 5 changes of season since the disaster.



I took a photo of the Steelhead Dr. street sign that marks the road that once led into the Steelhead Haven neighborhood. I looked into the distance, in awe of nature’s power and the movement of earth. I made my way between the trees planted in memory of the lives lost. There are signs with names, homemade tributes. The sacred place awaits a fuller memorial.

The Steelheads will take to the pitch in regional play for the first time in 2019. On our backs will be an Oso 43 mark that honors our fallen neighbors. 

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