Steelheads shoot for second as Wenatchee completes unbeaten season

The Steelheads rented a van for their August 28 trip to Wenatchee.

WENATCHEE, WA—The Snohomish County FC Steelheads will set their aim for second place in the Western Washington Premier League (WWPL) after the Fish dropped a 3-0 match to Wenatchee All-Stars FC on August 28 at the Apple Bowl.

Wenatchee also won on August 29 by a score of 1-0 over Nido Aguila Club America Seattle. This completed an unbeaten league season for the champions with 13 wins and a single draw. The previous two WWPL champions also went unbeaten. In 2018 Kirkland FC won it with 12 wins and a draw. In 2019 SnoCo FC took the trophy with 7 wins and 3 draws.

The Steelheads surround a Wenatchee player on August 28 at the Apple Bowl. Gallery here.

Nido’s loss to Wenatchee opens up a chance for SnoCo FC to take second place in the table. The Fish are currently third on 24 points. Nido are second on 25 but have just one match left to play at Harbor Force. The Steelheads have two matches to play the Spetmeber 11-12 weekend, at Federal Way and at Harbor Force.

The loss at Wenatchee came late, with a disputed penalty kick awarded by the AR. The All-Stars converted the try in the 81st minute to take a 1-0 lead. It fell apart after that with the Steelheads defense surrendering two more late goals from the run of play.

The Steelheads have only lost twice in two WWPL seasons, both this year, and both to Wenatchee. Earlier in the season the All-Stars took a 5-3 win in Smokey Point.

The Steelheads created a “champions tunnel” for Wenatchee before the August 28 match at the Apple Bowl as the former WWPL champs passed the baton on to the new champs.

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