Trails End Taphouse Restaurant Partners with SnoCo FC, sponsors new Steelheads Kit

SMOKEY POINT, WA—Snohomish County Football Club is partnering with Trails End Taphouse & Restaurant in Downtown Snohomish. The popular eatery, bar and catering hub has claimed the front spot on new Icarus FC kits the Steelheads will wear in their debut Western Indoor Soccer League (WISL) season. Home matches will be played at the Snohomish Sports Dome, which shares the same building with Trails End Taphouse & Restaurant.

“Trails End is excited to partner with our neighbors, SnoCo FC Steelheads and Snohomish Sports Dome to grow indoor soccer here in Snohomish,” says restaurant founder and owner Chris Shirley. “We are looking forward to providing hungry and thirsty players the opportunity to refuel and celebrate victories with the best beer selection and excellent food that we have built our reputation on. Cheers to a new chapter in Snohomish sports!”

SnoCo FC Coordinator of Soccer Andrew Escalante met with Shirley to seal the partnership. “It feels great landing our first shirt sponsorship!” Andrew says. “I’ve been playing out of the Snohomish Sports Dome for the last four years and I always felt like our field had a major untapped resource with a full restaurant and taphouse connected to it. Thankfully I’ve been playing soccer with Chris for a long time now and we were able to sit down and work out a deal that will benefit the club and restaurant. We are excited for this new partnership and we plan to bring something unique to other arenas in the league.”

Something unique? Escalante has long been a supporter of adding a magenta jersey to the Steelheads kit arsenal. Early plans were revisited recently and something new came out of the process. The Steelheads will wear a new Icarus FC Magenta and Black strip indoors in the WISL with Trails End taking lead sponsor status on the front.

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The new Magenta and Black Fade jersey is available on pre-order for $49.99 + $5 shipping. Pre-order yours now by sending us a note at Proceeds from jersey sales go towards building the SnoCo FC indoor soccer program.

The WISL season is scheduled to begin in November. Keep checking back with us here to see how the status of the season is unfolding in light of Covid-19.


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