Steelheads Draw Away at Umoja

The Steelheads faced off against Umoja on Saturday, May 21. A physically rough game that ended with the Fish only capturing 1 point on the road. 

The game starts with possession favoring the Steelheads for much of the first half

32 minutes into the first half, Jacen Stein scores his first goal of the season for the FIsh. The play started with Karim Piottin, who was fouled near the center of the field on the Steelhead’s half. After no call from the referee, Lucas Hakamada, a new face for the Fish, by way of Western Washington University, sent a through ball over the Umoja defense with his first touch. Stien found the ball, took on the goalkeeper 1v1, and prevailed with the Steelhead’s first goal.

The rest of the first half sees no goals from either team.

Not more than 6 minutes passed before a foul was called on the Steelheads. Umoja hits a superb free-kick into the blind spot of the goal over the Steelheads’ wall, hitting the crossbar at the top corner. The game is tied at 1-1.

The men from both teams were frustrated with the reffing. Not more than 7 minutes pass and Umoja secures their second goal of the match. It was around the 58th minute. the Umoja forward took the ball himself to get around a few Steelheads defenders 20-yds out when he struck the ball into the back of the net. The score is now 2-1 Umoja just 15 minutes into the second half. 

Steelheads do not give up. 

The 78th minute comes around and Jordan Corea is on the ball for a Steelheads free kick from about 40yds out. Correa sends a beautiful ball into the 18-yard box where Karim Piottin flicks the ball over the Umoja defense, and right onto Asa Goldsmith’s foot to put it into the top of the net. The Fish were roar for their teammate’s play that tied the game 2-2.

With the moment behind them, the Steelheads keep pushing. In the 88th minute of the game and Jacen Stein finds himself on a free kick about 20yds out. With a beautiful strike the ball curves slightly around the Umoja wall and into the bottom right corner of the goal. It’s 3-2 Steelheads with less than 2 minutes in the game.

Stoppage Time

Only 2 minutes were given even considering the time that had accumulated during stoppages throughout the game. Umoja’s forward gets the ball and takes on one of our defenders after a bouncing ball outside the 18-yard box failed to be cleared. #11 slots the ball far post, side net passed Goalkeeper Dorian Lair. The score was 3-3 and the ref blows the final whistle.

Next Up

The Steelheads Men take on Kirkland FC in a rematch, after the Fish captured a 2-1 win away in Kirkland. The match will be at Dick Cardinal Stadium (Lakewood High School) Saturday, at 7 PM.

As an added treat, Gala PFA (Steelheads Reserves) will be hosting a home match at 12 PM Saturday. Buy tickets now and get both matches for the price of one.

Photos courtesy of Stina Larice Photography

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