Steelheads Hold State Of The Union Gala & Announce New Club Branding

Snohomish, Washington

Saturday evening, the turnout was a pleasant surprise for Snohomish County Football Club. 100 players, fans, sponsors, community partners, staff, and other local semi-professional club representatives dressed to impress, came out to the Steelheads’ inaugural State Of The Union Gala, raising an estimated $6,500 to go towards operations, local community programs, uniforms, gear, and facilities rentals for the next year.

The night consisted started with a mix of mingling, games, catered food, and drinks courtesy of several Steelheads partners and event sponsors including Trails End Taphouse (Snohomish, WA), Skagit Landing (Burlington, WA), BJ Restaurant & Brewhouse, and local craft distillery and sponsor of the events bar Wohlfert Craft Distilling (Snohomish, WA).

At around 7 PM the formal State Of The Union presentation was headlined by President & Chairman Dorian Lair, with the theme being “We Need You!” The presentation touched on all aspects of the organization, highlighting the club’s staff members, celebrating the club’s history, and discussing the club’s mission, strategy, and where the club needs support. Also discussing things such as values, reach, finances, technology, 5-year plan, sponsorship program, potential ownership program, and finally ultimately capping off the night with the club awards ceremony presented by Director of Soccer Dagi Kesim, and finally with Lair announcing the winners of the raffle & auction.

If you would like a copy of the presentation and sponsorship program, please reach out directly to President Dorian Lair via email.

The awards ceremony consisted of several categories. Listed below is the full list of nominees and winners:

Men’s Indoor

  • 21′-22′ Men’s Indoor Offensive MVP: 
    • Winner: Andrew Escalante
    • Nominees: Tyler Sharp, Jacen Stein, Jeremy Maldonado, and Cristiano Whitaker
  • 21′-22′ Men’s Indoor Defensive MVP: 
    • Winner: Dorian Lair
    • Nominees: Trevor Davoren, Garret Robinson, Drew Ferris, and Bryan Fakkema
  • 21′-22′ Men’s Indoor Most Improved: 
    • Winner: Daniel Amador
    • Nominees: Tyler Sharp and Alex Linett

Men’s Outdoor

  • 21′-22′ Men’s Outdoor Offensive MVP: 
    • Winner: Jacen Stein
    • Nominees: Lucas Hakamada, Andrew Escalante, and Cristiano Whitaker
  • 21′-22′ Men’s Outdoor Defensive MVP: 
    • Winner: Asa Goldsmith
    • Nominees: Karim Piottin and Dorian Lair
  • 21′-22′ Men’s Outdoor Most Improved: 
    • Winner: Cristiano Whitaker
    • Nominees: Ernesto Ventura, Morgan West, Tyler Sharp, Cade Cooke, Jeremy Maldonado, TJ Rowley, and Daniel Amador

Women’s Indoor

  • 21′-22′ Women’s Indoor Offensive MVP: 
    • Winner: Jordyn Bartelson
    • Nominees: Estera Livente, Kiana Jacobson, Mariah Roggow, and Mireya Grey
  • 21′-22′ Women’s Indoor Defensive  MVP:
    • Winner: Kaitlin MacKenzie
    • Nominees: Maggie Tonkin
  • 21′-22′ Women’s Indoor Most Improved: 
    • Winner: Sarah Stochel
    • Nominees: Megan Jones, Brooke Pingrey, Anna Roslander, Estera Livente, and Kiana Jacobson

Women’s Outdoor

  • 21′-22′ Women’s Outdoor Offensive MVP: 
    • Winner: Sarah Dunbar
    • Nominees: Kiana Jacobson and Amber Elliano
  • 21′-22′ Women’s Outdoor Defensive MVP: 
    • Winner: Amber Elliano
    • Nominees: Kylee Billings, Kieleann Scheller, Kaitlin Mackenzie, and Maggie Tonkin
  • 21′-22′ Women’s Outdoor Most Improved: 
    • Winner: Kieleann Scheller
    • Nominees: Bratt Sutton, Ruby Wacker, Sarah Stochel, Maggie Tonkin, and Stephanie Herrera
  • 21′-22′ Future Fish Award (Gala PFA MVP): 
    • Winner: TJ Rowley
    • Nominees: Michael Garth-Green, Regis Viteri, Devin Nathaniel Sutumo, Dylan Schoenfelder
  • 21′-22′ Community Award: 
    • Winner: Christina Larice
    • Nominees: Dorian Lair, Kiana Jacobson, Joy Price, Dagi Kesim, Jeff Adams, Vasco Rubio, and Jeff Christianson
  • 21′-22′ True Leader Award:
    • Winner: Michael Garth-Green
    • Nominees: Regis Viteri, Cristiano Whitaker, Andrew Escalante, Dorian Lair, Amber Elliano, Asa Goldsmith, Bryan Fakkema, and Sarah Stochel
  • 21′-22′ Utility Player Award: 
    • Winner: Tyler Sharp
  • 21′-22′ Fair Play Award: 
    • Winner: Rory Cavaille
    • Nominees: Glenn Paden and Kiana Jacobson
  • 21′-22′ Fair Play Award: 
    • Winner: Rory Cavaille
    • Nominees: Glenn Paden and Kiana Jacobson
  • 21′-22′ Dedication Award: 
    • Winner: Dorian Lair

“I am so happy for seeing this club where it is at this point. I worked so hard to improve soccer side, seeing Dorians vision and attitude is making us better and better. The event was the start of something even more special.”

Director of Soccer Dagi Kesim

“This club is amazing. All of the players, staff, volunteers, families and friends all deserved a night of celebration and recognition for the amazing work that they have put in the last 5 years.” “We have so many amazing human beings who have so many challenges and struggles in their lives who simply just want to come together for a single shared passion, to build a community around this thing they love to do… soccer” “It was so awesome to see the support and interest in continuing the growth of the club for years to come…”

President & Chairman Dorian Lair

The Steelheads would like to thank all of those who sponsored, partnered, and donated! A very special thanks to the generosity of The Paden Family, Elizabeth Wiley & Deborah Brandi of the Edmonds School District Foundation, The Gordon Family, Christina Larice & Stina Larice Photography Wohlfert Craft Distilling, Trails End Taphouse, Chef Josie Urbick of Skagit Landing, The Steelheads Events Committee, The Phillips Family, Gala Football Club, The Elliano Family, Hamoon, Brooke Pingrey, Karim Piottin, Stephanie Quiroga of Boutique Brokerage and lastly Ashish Soni, Owner of French Creek Manor who generously discounted our venue rental.

All photos of the evening courtesy of Christina Larice Photography

2022 Logo Rebrand

Starting this fall with the Men’s Indoor program, the Steelheads will have a fresh take on their traditional and foundational brand course of Mark Crosby Designs. The Steelheads have always had a strong brand ever since its inception in 2017. Selling jerseys all over the United States, including a few sales across the pond. Even last year, in partnership with Icarus FC, the Steelheads uniform provider, made the Steelheads Kit available to purchase for a Lower League Jersey Subscription Box in the UK. Meaning, that 65 lucky English ‘Kit Box’ subscribers would receive a SnoCo jersey in their monthly subscription box.

Nevertheless, here is the Official Launch of the Snohomish County Football Club’s new logo:

Want to get involved?

If you are interested in becoming a Snohomish County Partner, Sponsor or interested in potential ownership investment opportunities, please reach out directly to President Dorian Lair to discuss plans and opportunities.

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