Steelheads Partner With Arena Sports In Move To New Professional Facility

The Pacific Northwest is known for its love of soccer, and the Steelheads have been one of the premier semi-professional clubs in the area for the last few years. However, indoor soccer has been a challenge for the region for over a decade with limited facilities to host Semi-Professional and Professional teams. That is about to change as Arena Sports brings in The Steelheads to help bring back indoor soccer to some of the finest facilities in the region. This exciting collaboration aims to bring many benefits to the soccer community and potentially expand the semi-professional indoor soccer scene in Washington state.

“We are thrilled to be the new venue for games and practices for the Snohomish County Steelheads this fall and are excited to bring next-level soccer to our Arena Sports customers! The Steelheads have a great fan base and we can’t wait to host them, as well as their opponents and fans. They do an incredible job of community engagement, which we really value at Arena Sports. It’s going to be a great partnership!”

Nickie Bartleson | Arena Sports Mill Creek General Manager

Reintroducing Semi-Professional Indoor Soccer to the Region
After years of hiatus in semi-professional soccer, Arena Sports is bringing in the Steelheads as both organizations continue to grow their presence. The partnership will allow the Steelheads to play in some of the finest indoor sports facilities in the region, includinglocations in Mill Creek, Redmond, and potentially Magnuson in Seattle, providing players with state-of-the-art fields, equipment and technology for optimal performance.

Fostering & Growing Youth Soccer Academies
The Steelheads and Arena Sports have plans to support youth soccer academies for both Lil’ Kickers and The Steelheads Academy, which will be accessible through these facilities. This partnership will provide an avenue to improve access to quality coaching and playing facilities for youth soccer players, fostering the growth of the sport and building its future.

Benefits for the Steelheads
The partnership with Arena Sports is not just beneficial for the youth; it also allows the Steelheads to play in some of the most professional facilities in the region at a much lower cost, which will attract new fans and players. This partnership also enables the Steelheads to grow their brand and expand their reach in the Pacific Northwest given Arena Sports’ vast audience across both Snohomish County & King County, helping to solidify their spot as one of the most professional semi-professional soccer clubs in the area.

” It has been the goal of Snohomish County Football Club (Steelheads) to continue our growth into the professional space. With that, not only playing in higher, more competitive leagues, it comes with more professional facilities, equipment and partners. Arena Sports is a staple in the Pacific Northwest as being one of the premier, professional facilities with a vast audience and staff. Arena Sport allowing us the space with their audience is a massive opportunity for the Steelheads to grow our brand, and audience. We cannot thank Don Crowe (CEO at Arena Sports), Chris Calderon, Jorge Delgado, Elliot Roberts, Nickie Bartleson, and Jen Goetze for giving the Steelheads the opportunity and financial support to make this happen.”

Dorian Lair | Steelheads President & Chairman

Expansion of Semi-Professional Indoor Soccer in Washington State
The partnership between the Steelheads and Arena Sports could mark the beginning of the expansion of semi-professional indoor soccer in Washington state. The collaboration between these two organizations carries the potential for larger-scale professional indoor soccer. The hope is that the fans and players of the Steelheads and Arena Sports will enjoy their partnership, leading to an expansion in the demand for semi-professional indoor soccer in the region.

“The WISL is very pleased to see the Snohomish FC partner with the Arenas Sports team here in our region, bringing the WISL to Arena Sports facilities opens up our league to new fans and more participants. We have a lot of respect for the business the Arena Sports group runs and believe that the Snohomish County FC brand will fit well there. We also look forward to more great rivalries as teams continue to grow and build north of Seattle in the Snohomish-Everett and now Redmond/Mill Creek region.”

John Crouch | WISL Commissioner

“The NWPLi is super excited about the partnership between Arena Sports and Snoco Steelheads.
Arena Sports has been a powerhouse of facilities in the Pacific Northwest for 3 decades and it will help to showcase and promote a great club like Snoco FC as well as all the other clubs in our league. Our hope is that it will help to bring to light the talent and excitement of our game, clubs, and league to more of the population and help drive more interest in the sport not only as supporters and fans but also as participants at all facilities across the state.”

Micah McMonagle | NWPLi Commissioner

Strengthening the Pacific Northwest Soccer Community
The return of semi-professional indoor soccer to Arena Sports is exciting news for fans and players. The partnership between Steelheads and Arena Sports will bring together two sports organizations committed to the growth of soccer and the betterment of their community. Together, the Steelheads and Arena Sports hope to strengthen the Pacific Northwest soccer community by supporting youth academies and creating new opportunities for semi-pro and professional soccer players, and providing an exciting, fun, and family-friendly environment to all hosted at Arena Sports.

The partnership between the Steelheads and Arena Sports is proof that the Pacific Northwest is a hotbed for soccer in the Pacific Northwest. The two organizations offer unique and valuable contributions to the soccer community, emphasizing the growth of the sport and the betterment of the youth. Their partnership signals an exciting future, with the potential for the growth of semi-professional indoor soccer in Washington state. Fans of the Steelheads and Arena Sports can look forward to seeing the impact of this partnership as the two organizations work together to foster a soccer community built to last.

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