Lair Athletic Company and Eskee Interior Auto Detailing join SnoCo FC as Official Partners

SMOKEY POINT, WA— The Snohomish County Football Club is pleased to announce two new Official Partners have joined our mission to continue to build and professionally operate an elite adult soccer program for our county. Lair Athletic Company and Eskee Interior Car Detailing are already interacting with our community. SnoCo FC is already actively promoting the new partners over various platforms.

Lair Athletic Company

Lair Athletic Company provides many services including, Athletics, Business, Web and Analytics Consulting.

Dorian Lair is a familiar name and face for many who follow SnoCo FC. Currently serving as the club’s Assistant General Manager, not to mention the Steelheads’ starting goalkeeper, Lair brings a complete set of skills, knowledge, passion and vision to his work at Lair Athletic Company. In turn the Official Partnership has already benefitted SnoCo FC with an upgraded official website, new team communication platforms, Lair’s experience in running sports teams, and more.

The next big Lair Athletic Company move with Snohomish County FC will come soon. The new Official Partner is sponsoring training and practice uniforms for the Steelheads.

Lair Athletic Company will sponsor the new Steelhead training kits.

“LAC is proud to partner with Snohomish County Football Club,” says Dorian Lair. “I full-heartedly believe that the success of the club will continue and grow and prosper in the Northwest. The work that we are doing is helping continue to build out a strong foundation for the club that will allow us to potentially explore strong partnerships in the community and expand into competitive leagues for our Men’s, Women’s, and Youth Teams.”

Eskee Interior Auto Detailing

Andrew Escalante grew up in the greater Arlington area and is a graduate of Lakewood High School in Smokey Point. He helped found the Steelheads back in 2017 and has played for the club every season. Eskee Interior Auto Detailing is already getting rave reviews online for their attention to detail and their amazing before / after photos and videos. The Official Partnership with Eskee Interior Auto Detailing has already helped SnoCo FC in terms of donations of time and equipment to the club. Very soon there will be more as Eskee plans to work with the Steelheads to upgrade the player practice and training experience.

“I’m very excited to have this partnership with the Steelheads,” says Andrew Escalante. “We have grown so much over the last 3 years. In our 4th year, we have added an indoor program as well as a women’s program. With the growth of my business, I look forward to helping SnoCo FC achieve its dreams and goals.”

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