Wohlfert Craft Distilling hosts Steelhead players

SNOHOMISH, WA—Wohlfert Craft Distilling hosted Steelhead players and supporters in a tasting session on Sunday May 2 at their new place at 17326 Snohomish Ave. The gang were treated to sips of many unique locally brewed spirits including the popular Spark Basil Flavored Vodka and Clutch Coffee Liqueur.

John and Karen (Wohlfert) were awesome hosts and we really enjoyed meeting them and learning about their business,” says Steelheads goalkeeper and Assistant General Manager Dorian Lair. “We shared some SnoCo FC swag with them and had the opportunity to taste some real quality spirits.”

“The Steelheads are a community team and we look forward to visiting other businesses in Snohomish County,” Lair says. “We made some new friends during our visit to Wohlfert Craft Brewing and we are looking forward to building on that new relationship.”

Would your business like to interact with Snohomish County Football Club? You can drop Dorian Lair an email at Dorian@SnoCoFC.com to chat about it.

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